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Where is the nearest dog park to my location
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Ans: Although Manhattan helicopter flights are still allowed, there are certain restrictions included. For instance, helicopter pilots can only fly 1, feet above the tallest obstacle, with a horizontal radius of 2, feet from the copter. If you want to see as much of New York within a limited time the Big Bus tours is a good option. Their New York bus tours serve up the Big Apple in perfect slices.

The best way to see most of NYC for an excellent price. Earbuds are provided to hear the guided commentary. Skilled drivers. Fun staff. Hop-on and Hop off locations were ideal for seeing all the sights.

Ans: You can purchase tickets either on this website , on the bus, from a trusted retailer such as your hotel concierge, or from one of our on-street staff members. Please note that for hygiene reasons we encourage you to pay with card when possible so that all parties can avoid the handling of cash. Ans: All buses feature an entertaining and informative pre-recorded commentary in the following languages:. Ans: Please visit their Service Information page for up-to-date information on tour start times and frequency.

Ans: You can hop on at any Big Bus stop. To find the stop closest to you, please click here. Staff are helpful. We got a flying certificate! We will visit again with the discount package. Thanks to our instructor Daniel for the amazing experience! He is patient and friendly! C Dim 01 Sep 22 This place was amazing. I was nervous because my son is 5 years old but he been asking to go. The staff was amazing. His instructor was amazing. She kept a good eye on him and when she high flew him she gave me a thumbs up that he was good.

He ended up flying 3 times. The place was clean and the bathroom was clean. I have nothing but good things to say and will be back. Zeppy G 02 Jul 22 It was a great time, although you’ll be aware of the high price and significant wait for a short experience.

The different coaches have slightly different coaching styles, we had Rob and we liked him. They’ll offer you a heavily discounted return package after your experience is over, which while a good deal, is slightly predatory – so just be ready for the offer. The experience is overall worth it. George Kolitsopoulos 26 Jun 22 This was totally worth whatever anxiety you’re going through thinking about if you should just go do it or not! Super respectful, informative AND interactive instructors here.

You WILL feel comfortable and safe. Can’t wait to come back! My family loved this experience. Barring infants, any age should have a fun time here! Even just watching the flights go on was an enticing experience. Jerome was great and funny.

He made sure we all felt comfortable and taught us how to gain control of our movement inside the tube. I will definitely come again and request Jerome.

If you come, I suggest you do the same. Thank you for a great time Jerome! Kenneth Marinelli 04 Apr 22 Incredible experience!!! If there are 10 things in your life that should be labeled as a “once in a lifetime experience” then indoor skydiving should definitely be one of them. I-fly will give you a safe environment to accomplish that. The experience of weightlessness or zero gravity is slowly becoming a typical adventure but at the present time has an astronomical price tag.

In time, this cost will gravitate to a more reachable amount. I-fly can currently give you that experience without breaking the bank. Don’t delay! Jump on board this increasingly popular adventure!!!

Mirko Radak 16 Jan 22 We went there for a birthday surprise with different last names. Pretty soon we started sharing one last name and an amazing experience. Jason Maldonado 20 Sep 21 Gabby up front was cool. She was awesome. Mo-Hollow, the flight dude was cool too. Overall great time. Vending machines are a rip off doe. Gabriella was extremely friendly and kind at the front desk. Nick was a great instructor as well!

Would definitely come back! Over 10 million individuals have had the opportunity to fly thanks to iFly since it initially opened its doors in Modern wind tunnels are available at their indoor skydiving facilities, which are accessible to people of all ages.

The final reservation period for iFLY is 30 minutes before closing. Reservations are strongly advised. Visit and reserve your flight right away. So each flight is around 60 seconds , often a bit longer but never shorter than 50 seconds.

They do ask that you check the list of criteria below before booking. Ans: As the preeminent institution devoted to the art of the United States, the Whitney Museum of American Art presents the full range of twentieth-century and contemporary American art, with a special focus on works by living artists.

Ans: The Whitney museum also hosts the Whitney Biennial in even-numbered years and is the most prestigious assessment of contemporary art in America. At the Whitney Museum, you will dive into an artistic world that defines what is innovative and influential in American art since the twentieth century.

The Whitney did much to establish New York as the artistic capital of the world. New York Botanical Garden 4. We got a little bit turned around before we bumped into Mike, who was so helpful in showing us around.

He introduced us to Toby, who runs the Edible Academy. His team works to donate food to a local kitchen, hosts programs for kids, plans culinary demonstrations, and SO much more. The grounds are beautifully kept, which makes this pace the perfect getaway from the city. You obviously will not visit all, but wear comfortable shoes and choose a clement day because the largest part of your visit will be outdoors.

The garden never feels crowded because of its size, but also because entrance fees are outrageously priced at 30 dollars per adult. And that is the main downfall of this beautiful place. It prices itself above market and falls into the trap that many other New York public spaces fall into. Somehow, they all expect to be paid between 25 and 30 dollars for access to their grounds.

Many New Yorkers simply don’t visit the garden because it’s already far to get too. Add the cost. And they get discouraged. Regardless, come prepared. There are ways to counter the cost, especially if several people are visiting. You can also pack a picnic and eat in many areas of the park, which is definitely an option to consider for a family. Hana Welsh 10 May 22 It is better to visit this botanical garden and stay there for the whole day. There is so much to see. The garden covers a huge area.

It can be reached by train from Grand Central Station, or by car. In addition to the walking area there is a lovely greenhouse where at the time of my visit there was an orchid festival – very beautiful.

Beautiful library building. Vanessa Martinez 26 Mar 22 It was my first time here and it did not disappoint! Highly recommend coming to see the beautiful diverse flora from around the world, here in the Bronx. Bring your phone or camera masks are optional currently. There are bathrooms throughout and plenty of photo op spots! I love coming here. When I come here I get to enjoy all that beauty has to offer. Even throughout the pandemic, it was open for our enjoyment.

All of the staff at NYBG are so kind and caring. It is a great place to visit to watch birds, butterflies and take pictures to enjoy for years to come. Highly recommend visiting at least 4 times a year; once for each season – in order for you to see the vast changes in the environment and to marvel at the beautiful display of natures art!

This spot is more than just a garden, it is an outdoor classroom. Parents, take your kids here, teach them about nature, and teach them to respect our beautiful planet. Frank Chung 13 Feb 22 One of the best places to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Even when it gets crowded, there is always a place where you can find serenity among nature.

There’s always something interesting to see even in the winter. The rock garden is probably something that is overlooked by many but is a lovely and serene nook. The food is incredibly overpriced, so feel free to bring your own snacks and eat at one of the several picnic tables that they have available.

Ans: Founded in , the New York Botanical Garden is a acre oasis in the middle of Bronx Park, housing 50 specialty gardens, and more than one million plants.

Access to the Conservatory and Library Building is granted on a space-available basis and there may be a wait on peak days. Ans: Check out this 1. Generally considered an easy route, it takes an average of 37 min to complete.

This is a popular trail for birding, trail running, and walking, but you can still enjoy some solitude during quieter times of the day. Grounds Admission is free to everyone regardless of residency on Wednesdays from 10 a. Top of The Rock 4. The staff was also incredibly helpful, and it wasn’t super busy which helped given I’m not too keen on open observatories. One of the best experiences in the city, period.

The price is affordable too, and far worth it. I will be back the next time I return to the city. M J 24 Apr 22 Top of the rock was a great experience!!! It was really easy to book online and there are signs in the area that lead you to the experience.

Getting tickets scanned and bag check was quick and efficient and the staff were lovely. There is a short wait to the lifts that take you up to the observation deck. The observation deck offers degree views of the city and is great for seeing the iconic NYC skyline including the Empire State Building. Great experience! Having been to all five observation decks in NYC, this one is the best.

The views of the empire state building and central park are incredible. Normally you have to pay extra for going during sunset, but since I had the New York Pass I just scanned my pass and got entry right away. Going during sunset is so worth it since you can stay as long as you want once up there and get a day view, sunset view, and night view, depending on how long you want to stay.

Make sure you go up the stairs once arriving off the elevator since there are two smaller floors which are much less crowded and have better views with no glass obstructing the view. I think each observation deck offers its own unique experience, but if I had to pick just one, this is the best in all of NYC.

With its degree, multi-terraced levels, it offers the best views of the city that never sleeps. Some may say others offer better views, but only this view centers the world famous Empire State Building against the ever-growing and impressive backdrop of Manhattan. From feet, the brilliant chaos of New York City melts into a tranquil and delightful dance of people, lights, and cars.

I think The Drifters were singing about this magical spot with “Up on the Roof”. He was a great guide, super knowledgeable and personable. It was like we were walking with friends. He gave his perspective on so many things that I really enjoyed. Seeing the Rainbow room was amazing and he showed us historic buildings out several of the windows. Would definitely recommend this tour. The rooftop views are beautiful!! Ans: Travelers say the Top of the Rock offers some of the best views of Manhattan and say the experience is worth every penny.

Visitors recommend booking the combo ticket that includes a tour of the building and the observation deck access. Rockefeller Center is located in midtown Manhattan between Fifth and Sixth avenues. Ans: Guests can stay on the observation decks as long as they like during operating hours. On average, people spend about 45 minutes to an hour at Top of the Rock. But the highest open-air observatory is Edge, the th-floor deck that opened at Hudson Yards in March. Ans: The best time of day to visit Top of the Rock is in the morning between 8 am and 11 am to avoid the crowds.

The next best choice for low crowd levels is from 8 pm to closing time. One World Observatory 4. We knew we wanted to go to one of the observatories so she could see a view of the city. We’d done the Empire State Building years ago.

Reviews of One World were great, and when asking people in NY, they highly recommended it. Our visit was amazing and did not disappoint. Being able to say you’ve been in the highest building in the Western Hemisphere is pretty cool. Every last detail about how it was built, the heights of the various floors and rooftop, as well as being able to look down at the World Trade Centre memorial pools was amazing.

There is one point during a presentation that literally took our breath away. Don’t want to spoil it! I am happy to say that our visit to the observatory gave us a sense of peace after all these years. Our daughter wasn’t alive when it happened, but since our visit, she has said she has a whole new understanding and empathy for all of the people affected. Our visit provoked questions and feelings.

Educating the younger generations This observatory isn’t simply a viewpoint. It’s an entire experience that educates.

LeWayne Ballard 07 Jul 22 Came for a Sunday afternoon tour, luckily it was a pretty clear day, so was able to see miles away. Upon arriving, you can’t see any of the lines since they’re downstairs and past security checkpoints, but they do list the approximate wait times for each of the ticket types. There’s a standard, combination, and all-inclusive ticket to purchase. There wasn’t any lines at security or the elevator, even though the sign quoted a 45 minute wait.

The views were amazing and gives you view of New York and as far as your eyes can see. Being that there were views from floor to ceiling, it was easy to walk around and take pictures without any obstructions. People were pretty respectful by taking pictures and moving on. Great place to enjoy the views, just be sure to check the weather and consider the different ticket options. I purchased the all inclusive ticket which came with the tablet to use while exploring.

The tablet was somewhat useful, but did not exactly sync with what I was seeing so it was a little confusing. Dinner and drinks were priced as expected. I purchased the tickets with a 3 hour block which was nice. I stayed for 2. Really cool videos along the way up, when you first arrive to the observation deck, and on the way down.

Well set up! Will return with family! Active duty military- call ahead and you will receive a discount. However, as a native New Yorker I found the one world observatory to be simple and a tad bit boring. They didn’t have a location where you can go outside similar to the edge or Rockefeller center. It is still a beautiful view and would recommend this for someone that is looking something simple. I did like the tablets that you provide when walking around the Observatory because they provide information about the NYC skyline.

Is it a decent interactive experience. The highlight of this place will have to be the restaurant. It is a pricey place however the food was on point and the cocktail drinks were wonderful. Overall, I did like it however, I still think Rockefeller center open air roof is still better. I would have given it 3 stars but that restaurant pushed it to 4.

Edgar Goldshmidt 05 Jan 22 I had an amazing and once in a life-time experience having my engagement at the World Trade Center Observatory. The planning was seamless and easy. I had several requests for the proposal, and all of them were fulfilled.

They provided a world class experience and gave me and my finance a memorable evening, that we will cherish for many years to come.

Thank you! Everything is crisp and new. The guides were helpful and efficient. The virtual reality aspect made it super fun! This is a quick and easy trip with spectacular views. High recommend. Carlos Navarro 08 Aug 21 Great Views. After taking all the pictures and going to the gift shop, my wife and I got a couple martinis at their bar and enjoyed the place and views a little bit longer.

Mason, our bartender made us great drinks. Some people make reservations for tables with better views. Fully recommend. Ans: One World Trade Center was built in remembrance of the victims of the terrorist attack that happened on September 11, It is a constant reminder of the lives that were lost and hope for the future.

If you want to enjoy the view alone and can plan a visit to the One World Trade Center into your daily schedule, this is not a bad idea. Darrell Gibson, D. Graeme Gibson, D. Sarah Gibson, D.

Health First Chiropractic Seattle 4. Santos conducted a thorough evaluation and convincingly explained her results and conclusions in uncomplicated terms. She designed a plan to address my issues which consisted primarily of chiropractic sessions with her and ligament therapy with Stephen Wadsworth.

All of the staff at Health First are knowledgeable, skilled, and friendly. As a consequence of my treatment, I’m hopeful for a full recovery and I’m armed with tools to proactively address potential issues going forward. I highly recommend Health First Chiropractic.

Mimi Noyes 20 Jun 22 I’ve been seeing Dr. Santos now for a little over a month and I could not be happier! I’m impressed with how much she really cares about her patients. My health and wellbeing are clearly very important to her. She always takes the time to explain everything very carefully and then asks you if you understand.

If you don’t which at one point I didn’t she then explains it a different way until you understand exactly what she is doing, how it works, and how it will help. On the day of my first adjustment, there was something terribly wrong with my neck and I couldn’t turn my head without severe pain.

I’ve also been suffering from low back pain for over 15 years. After we didn’t see improvement from working on just my neck, she did an adjustment on my back. It’s made a huge difference and I am now able to stand and walk for much longer periods of time without pain.

I know that in continuing to see her my health is only going to get better and better. I’m so excited! Mark Kotzer 19 Jun 22 A huge kudo for Dr. She has done wonders for my neck and shoulder pain by using a technique that focuses on very specific and minimally invasive adjustments. I particularly appreciate her very thoughtful approach and all the information she provides along the way. I feel like I have a partner focused on helping me optimize my overall well-being.

Recommend to anyone looking for a truly customer-centric chiropractor. Iryna Bovkun 13 Jun 22 I really liked that before starting any treatment Dr.

Everyone in this clinic is very attentive, kind, caring and good professional. The clinic is very cozy, the atmosphere is relaxed with great music. Santos and her team are simply awesome. Her style of chiropractic medicine has transformed me.

On top of the excellent care, the office itself is very nice and comfortable. All in all, highly recommend. He also authored The Chiropractic Way, Bantam Books, , the first introductory book about chiropractic, produced by a major publisher in the history of the profession. He received Chiropractor of the year from the Blair Chiropractic Society in and Chiropractor of the year from Sherman College of Chiropractic in During that time, Dr.

Santos participated in Blair Chiropractic Technique seminars and conferences. After graduation, she decided to move to Seattle to work with Dr. Michael Lenarz as an associate doctor. She embraces the understanding that by removing misalignments to the spine, we remove obstacles to healing and allow the body to heal itself. She completed a four-month program in dynamic myofascial techniques with an instructor named Dawn Schmidt, LMT.

She is certified to offer intra-oral work and breast massage and is currently working toward certification in craniosacral therapy with Lauren M. Nicole is a lifelong learner who is continually fascinated by anatomy, the science of movement, the healing process, and most of all, the place where the three intersect. In her free time, Nicole enjoys quilting, spending time with trees, and cuddling her ball python, Cupcake. In order to treat soft tissue issues and pain more effectively, he went back to school in to study myofascial techniques, Structural Integration, and trigger point therapies.

He immediately saw the positive change this ground-breaking technique made in his clients and became a student of Arik. Dr Wang obtained her Doctorate degree from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine with a specialization of neuromuscular and sport medicine, she is also passionate about supporting patients to restore health from many other chronic issues.

Elevate Chiropractic and Rehab 5. It has a great rehab environment. Adam and Clint two members of the team are both compassionate as well as knowledgeable. They take time to answer any questions and make you feel you have their complete attention.

Would recommend in a heart beat! Within my first few visits I was already feeling relief. The team listened to me and my concerns.

The marrying of massage, chiropractic adjustments, and physical therapy produces incredible results. Not only was I feeling better when I left, but I was able to maintain my progress with exercises to do at home. The team helped me learn the exercises and helped me correct them in following sessions.

I cannot recommend this clinic enough. If you find yourself in pain, definitely get on their calendar and experience relief quickly. Christie Reneer 02 Aug 22 I came to Elevate to find relief from pain I’ve been experiencing on and off for many years.

Ryan took the time to listen, ask questions, and get to the bottom of the issue. He’s friendly, gentle, and seems to genuinely care about finding an effective and long term solution to the pain. Clint is friendly and great to work with for the exercises, is really thorough, and skilled at tailoring exercises to my specific needs. In about a month I was completely pain free. Definitely recommend! I have had chronic back pain for the last four years and within a month they had me back in the weight room doing lifts I wasn’t sure I would ever be able to do again.

If you are dealing with an injury I highly recommend visiting them! They have a great team and will work with you to get you where you want to be! Tanesha Ross 08 Jul 22 Ryan, Clint, and the rest of the team are amazing.

They are knowledgeable, caring, and keep my body feeling great. You will be in the best hands! Meg Griffin 17 May 22 I cannot recommend Elevate enough. When I first started coming to Elevate, I hadn’t run in months because of some pretty bad hip pain. I had tried other chiropractors who all told me I probably needed surgery.

I was relieved to hear the contrary from Jason. After chiropractic adjustments, you get to do physical therapy with Clint. As my exercises piled up, Clint wrote up a schedule for me to follow, which was super helpful!

I felt understood and well taken care of here. I’m able to run with zero pain now! I will definitely recommend Elevate to friends and family in the future. Liann Herwerden 09 May 22 I came to Elevate with lower back pain that prevented me from enjoying everything from easy walks to lifting weights. My time here has been such a positive experience; Jason and Clint are both very informative, patient, and thorough. Josh Mieczkowski 28 Apr 22 The folks here really know their stuff!

Not only do you leave feeling a million times better but they also come up with a game plan and will email ya with videos! Caley Rojas 26 Mar 22 This place is great! Everyone there is so friendly and kind! The place is very organized and sanitary. They explained everything to me, and made sure I understood what I was doing, and why. Would recommend! He is always striving to improve his efficiency, effectiveness, and relevance as a healthcare practitioner through deliberate practice, exposure to new techniques, educational seminars, and staying up-to-date on health and wellness research.

Prior, Ryan attended Western Oregon University where he played college baseball and ran collegiate track and field while focusing on human biomechanics through his Exercise Science degree. With his background in sports, and also having a holistic outlook on healthcare, he finds treating the whole patient, and not just the presenting symptoms, is what allows long-lasting effects to happen.

He is very passionate about education and enjoys putting together community talks to help encourage an overall healthy lifestyle. Adam grew up in Iowa and moved to Kansas City in He has been working with athletes in the CrossFit community for multiple years as a coach and as a trainer in Olympic Weightlifting. Eventually, Adam turned his passion for fitness, health, and wellness into a career that focuses on helping every client move better and be able to live a pain-free life!

In his free time, Adam loves to travel and explore the outdoors, and he is excited to begin his next adventure in the PNW. Eastlake Chiropractic and Massage Center 4. Calvin for a neck issue. Feeling good, happy to have found a welcoming, friendly local spot to care for my spine! Christine Robinson 26 Aug 22 Dr Calvin is the best! Always able to address issue and give ideas for on going wellness. He also has a great sense of humor.

Check in and check out is fast and easy. Curtis LeBleu 15 Aug 22 Great experience. Timely appointment, caring and gentle care. Good results. Ellen Browne 06 Aug 22 I feel great after being adjusted by Dr.

Staff us friendly and helpful. I highly recommend if your looking for a chiropractor. Joon Park 29 Jul 22 Wow, Mario is an amazing massage therapist. He is knowledgeable, scientific, and kind. He really focuses on fixing you so you can feel better. I’m glad I found this place. Suzanna Eller 22 Jul 22 The best in town. Even though I live far away now I’ll go out of my way to come see these guys.

They are that good. Dr Calvin is a master at what he does and I always find relief after visiting the clinic. Best place ever! Mulanax for about years since I moved to Eastlake.

Definitely would recommend him for all your chiropractic needs! When you enter the location of nearest dog park, we’ll show you the best results with shortest distance, high score or maximum search volume. Find nearby nearest dog park. Enter a location to find a nearby nearest dog park. Enter ZIP code or city, state as well. Google Maps is a web mapping service developed by Google. In , Google Maps was used by over 1 billion people every month.

Style your maps with custom markers, lines, colors, polygons, and images. Give users the ability to create and share their own custom maps and use zoom, pinch, rotate, and tilt to explore maps in more detail. You can highlight your store locations with custom colors and elements.

Or customize a virtual cycling path powered by Street View with unique markers, overlays, and photos. All training must be based on what shape the dog is in, how old your dog is, and what conditions their breed has.

Many can testify that it is wonderful to have a dog, but being a dog owner also involves a responsibility both towards the dog and towards other human beings. In order to take into account both dog owners and other residents, there are special rules regarding dogs in public areas. We provide a directory for dog friendly parks near you. What type of dog friendly park do you need?


Where is the nearest dog park to my location –


It is important that your dog can play and run around a few times a week. Dogs do not like to be alone so ensure that your dog gets to meet people – and other dogs. Play and enjoy seeing your dog really happy and having fun! Dogs, like humans, need exercise. They need to move their body, run around, and socialize — among other people or dogs.

If the balance between energy intake food and sweets and consumed energy activity is not equal, your dog has a great risk of being overweight. A dog that is active feels better both physically and mentally giving you as an owner little to no problems at all. There are many great ways to exercise your dog.

With both physical and mental activities, both are equally important. An unbalance can result in diseases and behavioral disorders.

All training must be based on what shape the dog is in, how old your dog is, and what conditions their breed has. Many can testify that it is wonderful to have a dog, but being a dog owner also involves a responsibility both towards the dog and towards other human beings.

In order to take into account both dog owners and other residents, there are special rules regarding dogs in public areas. We provide a directory for dog friendly parks near you.

What type of dog friendly park do you need? Choose below It is important that your dog can play and run around a few times a week. Off Leash or Indoors.


Dog Parks Near Me Find a secure dog walking field near you today.

AdGet all information on dog parks in your county and get your pet off-leash fun. Check the nearest dog parks with their locations, guidelines and phone has been visited by K+ users in the past monthHave a Check · Click to See. How to find nearest dog park near me Open Google Maps on your computer or APP, just type an address or name of a place. Then press ‘Enter’ or Click ‘Search’, you’ll see search results . AdConnect with like-minded pet lovers who care for pets in exchange for a place to stay. Unlimited 5-star pet & home care from only $/year – no additional cost!All sits covered · 5* Trustpilot reviews · Worldwide Locations · 5* rated sitters/5 (15K reviews).


– Where is the nearest dog park to my location

Tremont Park Off-Leash Area Address : Except for playgrounds and other areas where dogs are expressly prohibited via signage, all areas of the park are off-leash during designated hours. Owner is responsible for picking up after pet, please take all waste home for disposal. The dog run is about yards east of that point. The Villages Dog Parks For iis enjoyment of all residents and their pets, there fhe seven dog friendly leash-free parks in The Villages.

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